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Beauty Tips

How To Prolong The Life Of Your Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions have become an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure that thankfully does not require you to see a plastic surgeon. As long as you can find a qualified, competent and hygiene conscious technician, you should be able to ably endure the procedure. It basically involves the gluing of extensions onto your natural lashes, one at a time. It is a bit of a tiring procedure, especially the first time round, but the results are usually stunning and more than justify the mild discomfort.
Unfortunately, eyelash extensions are also fairly expensive as compared to other options for enhancing your lashes, including attaching fake lashes and using mascara. For many women, having to keep coming back to the salon for a technician to carry out touchups every few weeks can also be trying on finances. Touchups are necessary because natural lashes will gradually grow out and fall, and sometimes extensions will break. It is therefore necessary to replace the lost extensions that fall out this way by attaching new ones to new growths of natural lashes.
When a woman takes good care of her lashes, she can not only prolong their life of the natural lash, but also reduce the risk of any breakage caused by pressure on the extensions. Here are a few tips that can help you reduce the rate of eyelash loss, and prolong the period in between having to go back for touchups, and ultimately cutting down the cost involved in maintaining your enhancement.

1. Keep them straight – just as with head hair, strands will crisscross during the course of the day. Use a spoolie wand to comb them out and reduce the pressure of some lashes carrying extra weight, or getting entangled with others.
2. Avoid touching them – as lovely as your long new lashes look, you need to avoid touching them. Not only does this promote the transfer of germs to the eye area, it also adds pressure on the lashes, encouraging them to fall out and break.
3. Sleep on your back – sleeping on your side or front is likely to lead to you pressing your lashes into your pillow. This can cause them to be pulled out or break, requiring even earlier touchups. Adopt the habit of sleeping on your back and do not pull up the covers over your face. You may even find that this habit helps to improve on your skin clarity with time.
4. Use a natural eyelash serum – eyelash serums are designed to deliver specific nutrients to the eye area and lash shaft that will encourage the hair to grow thicker and longer. This will make it better able to support extensions. This is particularly useful if you should later decide to take out or grow out your eyelash extensions. Many of the best eyelash serums are also good conditioners and moisturizers.
5. Be careful when using eye makeup – although mascara is not needed with extensions, if you do decide to use it, do so sparingly and use a coating sealer first to avoid any oils or chemicals in the makeup interfering with the bonding glue used to attach the extensions. Also, be very gentle when removing eye makeup. Make use of oil-free makeup remover or pads.

Choosing The Right Shape For Your Nails

FingernailsThe shape of your nails can accentuate your look and enhance your personality. This means that you need to be careful so as to choose ideal nail shape that will work best on your hands and match your lifestyle. Every lady has a specific type of nail shape that matches their tastes and preferences. While the oval nail shape seems to be in fashion, it is not the signature shape for every woman. Below are some quick tips to help you in determining the best nail shape whether you are doing your nails in the salon or at home.

Look at the Shape of the Half-Moon
Near your cuticle lies the small-half moon shape which is visible when you remove your polish. If this shape is curved then your nails will look excellent with an oval nail shape and rounded tips. In the event the half-moon is flat shaped, you should opt for a square nail shape. There are situations where the shape lies somewhere between a curve and a flat shape; in this case you can try a mix of both oval and square.

Look at Your Nail Beds
Your nail beds can be short and wide or long enough to cover your fingertips. In either case, a square shape with rounded edges can make your nails attractive. For long and narrow nail beds, a square shape with sharper edges will make the nails standout. Natural oval nail beds can be accentuated with a round-edged oval nail shape.

The Strength of Your Nails
A square shape is a good choice for nails that tend to break easily. On the other hand if you want an oval shape, ensure that you go for square sides and a rounded tip. This will make the nails strong and less likely to break.

In addition to the above tips, the length of the nails should also determine the shape that you settle for. If your nails are longer and you do outdoor work frequently, you should either trim them so that they can be smaller or opt for a squoval shape.